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Bifold doors are a great way to increase your available space by linking indoor and outdoor living.  In the warmer months you can entertain and relax in a large, open-plan space, and in the cooler months you can protect yourself and your family from the weather without sacrificing on natural light.  Bifold windows provide unobstructed panoramic views and create access between two living zones such as a kitchen and dining area or patio.

Bifold doors and windows can fold into the indoor zone, or outwards and out of the way.  Custom made to your requirements, just tell us the size of your space and how many leafs you would like in the configuration.  Use the Dulux colour selector to choose the perfect coloured frame to compliment your home.

Please note that the maximum leaf size is 1000mm and the maximum height is 3000mm.  Frames are supplied without reveals but all hardware is included.  Installation includes a one-off measure but does not include removal of an existing door.

When your bifolds have been built and are ready for installation, we can help by installing them for you.  Fill out the product builder below to get a quote on bifold doors or windows, custom made for you.

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Step 1 - Size:
**Please note to obtain the approximate opening sizes to suit, allow for a clearance of 10mm around the total perimeter (i.e. opening 20mm larger than sizes entered)

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Step 2 - Style:
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Step 3 - Configuration:

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Step 4 - Installation:

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